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Train for a fresh start in a fast-growing industry

We’re inspiring and training the next generation of digital leaders through our two new FREE Skills Bootcamps for the West Midlands, run in partnership with Coventry University.

Our goal at Resume Foundation is to help people find new routes into employment. Bums on seats isn’t enough: our two carefully chosen programmes are designed to give you sector-specific skills that will lead to interviews for real, well-paid jobs. In addition, the programme includes wraparound support, such as a mentor, employability training, a job interview for a live vacancy and more.

Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life.

How it works

Our new explainer video covers all the basics in 90 seconds.

what is data science?

A fairly new discipline – but it’s exciting and fast-changing. Want a job that shapes the future? Find out more here – applications close soon!

What will I learn?

For Autumn 2022 we’re offering Skills Bootcamps in Data Science (commencing September 19) and Web App development (October 24). Both of these areas represent rapid growth and expanding job opportunities in UK industries – you’ll finish your course with a highly desirable set of new skills that you’ll be ready to put to work. 

try our data science puzzles

Not sure if Data Science is for you? Try our five puzzles and see what you think!

Puzzle depicting a bicycleYour bike has two balding tyres and one equally balding spare. Each tyre has 5km of life left in it before it fails. How far can you get on your bike if you take the spare wheel with you?

ANSWER:  Data Scientists don't need advanced mathematics, but they do need to be comfortable with numbers, or with analytical, logical thinking.

Three wheels travelling 5km each makes 15km - but you're not on a unicycle. Divide by two to get 7.5km

Or think of it this way: Start on tyres A and B and ride for 2.5km. Swap tyre B for C and ride another 2.5km on tyres A and C. Tyre A has done 5km and is now dead. Swap it out for B and do another 2.5km. Now B and C are dead too - and you've ridden 7.5km. Ta-da!

Puzzle depicting two trains and a birdTwo trains on a single track, X and Y, hurtle towards each other at 40 kmph each. As they begin, 80km apart, a bird leaves train X and flies to train Y at 100 kmph. When it reaches Y, it turns straight back towards X, and so on, until the trains collide. How far will the bird fly?

ANSWER: Data Scientists have to be able to find the relevant information among lots of unhelpful data. Here, the only relevant information is that a) At 40kmph each, on an 80km track, the two trains will collide after exactly one hour, and b) the bird flies at 100kmph. 

It doesn't matter which direction it's flying in, or where it's going: after one hour, the bird will have flown 100km. 

Data Science puzzle showing three letter sequences.Can you find the missing letters in these sets? 

  1.   C V _ N M
  2.   N D J _ M A
  3.   C Y F T _ L I T S

ANSWERS: It's not all about numbers - pattern recognition is a really useful skill in data science, too. So how did you do with these? 

(1) can be found on the bottom row of your device's keyboard - it's B.
(2) is F for February - all the letters represent consecutive months.
And (3) is built into the question: Can You Find The Missing Letters... ?

How many holes are in this t-shirt?This one's trickier than it looks. How many holes are there in the t-shirt shown in the image? This one causes arguments online - and lots of people get it wrong. How will you get on?

ANSWER: Data Scientists have to be careful not to miss the obvious - and not to impose their own assumptions on the data they're gathering, either.  Sometimes, the whole picture isn't visible, and concrete answers just aren't available.

In this case, the T-shirt already has four holes in it by design - at the neck, waist and arms. There are two more holes punched through the front - and we can see right through the shirt. But while we know there must be at least one large hole in the back (through which we see the 'wall'), there could be two - one behind each. There could even be more holes, only in the back, which we can't see. So the correct answer is seven or more holes.

See what we mean?

Puzzle image showing a bottle of water and bar of chocolate.This is an oldie but a goodie - if a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate cost £11, and the chocolate costs £10 more  than the water (it's really good chocolate!), how much does the water cost?

ANSWER: Sometimes - just sometimes - numbers fit together beautifully to tell a simple story. But a Data Scientist needs to be rigorous and avoid leaping to easy, false conclusions.

The instinctive answer here is that the water costs £1 and that the chocolate is £10 - because it feels neat. But that would only be a £9 difference in price. In fact, the water is 50p, the chocolate £10.50, making £11 altogether.


data science

Businesses are awash with data, and it’s a data scientist’s job to help their business or client analyse the data they have and use it – ethically of course! – for competitive advantage.


Course content includes:

  • Data Management, types and structures
  • Scoping and acquiring data
  • Legal and ethical practices
  • Data cleaning, storage, statistics and visualisation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine Learning, clustering and distance measuring
  • Supervised learning and neural networks
  • Data Science at work/Python
  • Introduction to algorithms



If you’ve ever filled in an online form, purchased from an online store, or even watched a video on YouTube, then you’ve used a Web App – a piece of software designed to accessed through your browser. Our use of the Internet these days depends on them and the people who build them.


Course content includes:

  • Principles of app development
  • Coding essentials: Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Web App frameworks, including Django
  • SQL and database tools
  • Dynamic and responsive pages using APIs
  • App design, testing and validation
  • The design, development and deployment of a web app, from start to finish


Each 16-week Skills Bootcamp is a complete programme designed to get you into work in the digital sector. Each programme includes:

  • A 10-week digital skills course (see above).*
  • Our wraparound employability support package.

Our wraparound employability support includes:

  • A one-to-one mentor.
  • Support before, during and after your technical training.
  • CV writing and enhancing – with a focus on personal profiling, transferable skills, and highlighting individual strengths.
  • Job applications – how to search for and find jobs, how to apply and answer questions, learning from every application, developing a portfolio CV and using platforms like LinkedIn. 
  • Interviews – how to prepare, online interviews, question types, different styles of interviews, relaxation techniques, body language, post-interview support – oh, and a real life interview.

* If you're claiming benefits, the course and placement will count against your 16-week retraining allowance, but the wraparound support will not.

how will i study?

Our four-month programme of employability support includes ten weeks of subject study and ongoing wraparound employability support to help you find work or set up in self-employment.

am i eligible?

To be a successful applicant you’ll need to be interested in and comfortable with IT, but you don’t need to have any previous IT qualifications. You’ll also need to be:

There are a few other exclusions and exemptions – download a full list of eligibility criteria.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish?

Resume Foundation is an employment charity, not an educational one, and all of our programmes are designed to lead people into work. While we can’t guarantee anyone a job, we expect the majority of our participants will progress onto either further education or full-time employment in a digital role. It’s what we’re here for.

How do I sign up?

Applications are now open: just download and fill in our short application form, sign it, then email it to us

You may need to install an app like Adobe Acrobat Reader for your computer, Android or Apple device before you download the form.

How do I sign up?

Applications are now open, just fill in the form below, add your attachments and we’ll take it from there!

Frequently asked questions

Nothing. Nada. Zip. We need your time, your enthusiasm and your commitment – but the financial costs are all being covered by the WMCA, thanks to funding from the Department for Education.

Our Data Science programme starts in September 2022, and Web App development follows in October. But we start working with successful applicants 4-6 weeks beforehand to make sure you have everything in place to make a success of your studies.

We commit to you for at least four months:

  • 10 weeks on the digital skills course
  • A further 6 weeks of wrap-around employability support to support you as you apply for work or explore setting up your own business.

Each skills course comprises approximately 8 hours of online tuition and 12 hours of personal study each week, plus two hours each week for employability support. The online tuition will be scheduled, but you can fit the other two or three hours each day around other commitments.

Absolutely: Universal Credit allows claimants to take up to 16 weeks for career progressive training. Remember to talk to your work coach and update your online journal, as the hours spent on this course will count towards your work-search.

Sorry, but no, you can’t. If you select more than one course on your application form, we’ll be in touch to discuss your preferences and help you choose the right course for you, but we’re unable to accept the same person onto more than one skills programme.

You’ll obviously need access to a computer to study. However, we’re committed to helping people facing barriers to learning, so if you want to take a course with us but can’t access a computer, please apply anyway and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Still not sure?

That’s no problem – we’d be delighted to hear from you with any other questions you might have. Please fill in your details and your question(s) below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.




Get in contact to see how you can help to promote and help to overcome the issues of lack of employment and opportunity for “marginalised people”.


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