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Choose from 100 new up-and-coming candidates in the West Midlands
Try-before-you-buy with a 4-week placement

If you’ve been struggling to find new staff to fill vacancies in Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Marketing or UX/UI Design, you’re not alone.

It’s why we set up our programme of digital bootcamps – well, that and our mission to help people facing barriers to employment, especially in the digital sector.

Our four FREE bootcamps are inspiring and training the next generation of digital leaders in partnership with Coventry University. Each skills course is specially designed to prepare our candidates for entry-level roles in your industry, and delivered by industry experts across 200 hours of guided learning.

Sorry – OUR 2021/2 COURSES are full 

We’ve been blown away by the demand for our programmes – and the quality and enthusiasm of our candidates. All four of our courses are now fully booked, but we have a reserve list and hopes for a second round of bootcamps later in the year. To register your interest, please contact us.

A unique recruitment opportunity

Our West Midlands bootcamps give local employers the chance to do two incredibly powerful things:

  1. Hire brand new, home-grown team-members, trained in all the basics for free, ready for you to mould and shape into the next leaders in your industry.
    Got no vacancies? Offer a work experience placement instead!
  2. Give a shot to local people who’ve lacked opportunity but have no shortage of energy, enthusiasm and talent to invest in your business. 

As a charity, our goal at Resume Foundation is to help people find new routes into work, so our programme includes complete wraparound support to help each candidate put their best foot forward in applications, interviews and their first day / week / month on the job.

three ways to take advantage

–  1  –

Ready to hire?

Shortlist and interview candidates for entry level vacancies in your company, ‘straight out of the box’.

–  2  –

Play your part

Bolster your CSR metrics by offering meaningful 4-week work placements to one or more of our candidates.

–  3  –

Try before your buy

Consider it a free trial period – a 4-week placement with a view to hiring if you like what you see.

How it works

Here’s how we explain the programme to our candidates.

Our candidates

All our candidates have the right to work in the UK, are aged 19 or over, live in the WMCA area, and have joined the programme from being either unemployed or in minimum-wage jobs. Many are university graduates who couldn’t find work during the pandemic; some have faced other barriers to employment including disability and discrimination. 

They’re training in one of the following four areas of study: Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Marketing, and UX and Design Research. Each of these areas represent rapid growth and expanding job opportunities in UK industries, and our courses, run by Coventry University, are designed to prepare our candidates for entry-level positions in their chosen fields.


cyber security

Graduates of our Cyber Security Bootcamp are ready for entry level and trainee positions in DevOps, SecOps and Security Operations. Coventry University was one of the first in England to teach Ethical Hacking, and the course is highly practical. During their studies, our candidates have worked with various operating systems including Linux, learned basic Python programming and software design, and worked with protocols, cyber security tools such as nmap and encryption. They’ve also learned about auditing and penetration testing, having conducted searches for vulnerabilities and exploits, and participated in several challenging red team and blue team activities.

Our candidates have a sound working knowledge of standard commercial security policies, including legislation relating to cybercrime and data protection, and a thorough grounding in ethics and best practice. They’re ready to put this all into practice under experienced supervision.


data science

Our Data Scientists start with a thorough grounding in the basics: statistical analysis, data types (nominal, ordinal etc.) conducting T tests, and using Excel to sort, filter and visualise data etc. But they go much further – as well as a thorough introduction to Python, our candidates are familiar with libraries and automation tools including Jupiter Notebooks, Matplotlib, Pandas and NumPy. They’ll also have worked with classifiers, clustering and pattern matching to work more efficiently with selected data and explored machine learning applications.

In fact, they’ll have worked through the complete ‘data science lifecycle’ from start to finish at least once – from gathering the data, to analysing it, applying statistical knowledge and programming skills, and presenting it. They’d make ideal candidates for Junior Data Science or Data Analysis positions and are ready to professionalise their new skills under the right supervision.


digital marketing

Course content includes:

  • Defining key digital channels
  • Macro and micro marketing
  • Influencing Online Consumer Behaviours
  • Challenges of Digital marketing for Business development
  • E-commerce applications
  • Search Engine Optimisation


user Interface and Experience

Course content includes:

  • UI (User Interface) Concept development
  • High-Fidelity Prototyping to Post-Launch Analysis
  • UX development toolkit
  • Guidance and regulations covering user interfaces
  • Introduction to coding with industry-standard software


Each programme includes:

  • An 8-10 week digital skills course (see above)*
  • A 4-week work placement*
  • Our wraparound employability support package

Our wraparound employability support includes:

  • A business mentor through the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Monthly employer boot camps where 15-20 employers SME businesses will give advice, interviews, guidance and connections.
  • The option to attend a Bootcamp Entrepreneurs Club for those people who want to set up their own businesses.
  • An employer interview.

We’ll also provide employability training to anyone who needs it, covering:

  • CV writing and enhancing – with a focus on personal profiling, transferable skills, and highlighting individual strengths.
  • Job applications – how to search for and find jobs, how to apply and answer questions, learning from every application, developing a portfolio CV.
  • Interviews – how to prepare, online interviews, question types, different styles of interviews, relaxation techniques, body language, post-interview support.

* For candidates claiming benefits, the course and placement count against their 16-week retraining allowance, but the wraparound support does not.

Frequently asked questions

Nothing. Nada. Zip. All the financial costs of both the skills training and our wraparound employability support have been covered by the WMCA.

Our Cyber Security programme started in January 2022, and candidates are available for placements and employment from March 28.

Data Science candidates are available from April 25.

Digital Marketing candidates start their programme in May and can be engaged for work placements before, during or after their training, which ends on June 17.

UX/UI candidates are also available for work placements before or during their training and are available full-time from July 4 when their training will have finished.

The courses run by Coventry University last for 8 weeks and include 25 hours of guided learning each week, including two hours a day of ‘live’ study with a tutor or lecturer over Zoom.

Our wider, wraparound employability programme extends either side of the skills training, with mentoring, work experience, coaching and other support to help candidates apply for work or explore setting up their own businesses.

We don’t do ‘bums on seats’ – when we promise our candidates work experience, we mean a chance to properly experience employment in their chosen field – albeit unpaid. They’re not there to make the tea; they’ll need opportunities to do real, supervised work, and to learn from your experienced staff.

These are not schoolkids – they’re adults who’ve dedicated 200 hours to mastering the basics, and now they need a chance to be useful and learn what it takes to work in this field.

We’ll also ask you to give your candidate(s) a mock interview for a position – or a real one if you have a suitable vacancy. Of course, you’re under absolutely no obligation to hire anyone from the programme.

Ready to get in touch?

Whether you’re a prospective employer looking to hire or offer work experience, or a prospective candidate who’d like to join our waiting list, we’d be delighted to hear from you with any other questions you might have. Please fill in your details and your question(s) below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.


Get in contact to see how you can help to promote and help to overcome the issues of lack of employment and opportunity for “marginalised people”.


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